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You can create a harmonious couple relationship full of vitality and love. As you deep dive into this book’s Character Qualities and Couple Vitalizers, you prevent the heartache of conflict and build unity. Details are below!


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You might be thinking that you need couples counseling to have a happy relationship. However, maybe you just need this guide to new words and actions! “Couple Vitality is a fantastic guide to a healthy relationship. It will undoubtedly help many couples.” ~ Glenn and Elisabeth (Additional Testimonials are below) You can create a harmonious couple relationship full of vitality and love. As you deep dive into this book’s Character Qualities and Couple Vitalizers, you prevent the heartache of conflict and build unity. You can achieve a:

  • Vibrant and unified couple connection and vision
  • Respectful partnership in making decisions and commitments
  • Loving and passionate relationship built on friendship and laughter
  • Deeply intimate understanding of each other through harmonious communications about sex, money, difficulties, and everything else
  • Wider level of service and unity with family, friends, and community

Couple Vitality includes proven science for being connected and happy as a couple. It accompanies you with gems of character wisdom in being your best selves. It is a rich resource for building your knowledge and skills. Character-enriched couple vitality can be yours with this breakthrough guide! Colleagues and authors Susanne M. Alexander, a relationship and marriage educator/coach (, and Grant Peirce IV, an industrial psychologist (, have worked with thousands of clients to develop their characters and relationships. Alexander and Peirce collaborate as part of CharacterYAQ ( If you are looking for couples counseling, you can see what Susanne offers as coaching services here:

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Appreciations for Couple Vitality From Couples and Individuals

“This book is a great tool for really identifying what it takes to sustain a relationship. It’s written in a manner that allows for deep self-reflection, and it clearly outlines the steps that are needed to achieve a vital relationship. The goals are realistic, transparent, and thoroughly explained, making it easy to recognize the strengths and areas that need to be addressed to optimize and improve a relationship.” D. F.

“I like the use of Respect, Trust, Unity, and the other Character Qualities as guides to reflection for the couples. A gift to the community and the world.” Johanna Merritt Wu

“Couple Vitality is an information-packed toolkit with a wealth of ideas and techniques that a couple can use as they need to deepen their relationship. With a wide range of topics including discovering shared values, establishing a friendship, communicating about money, and many more, a couple can focus on areas they need to strengthen, or they can go through the book more systematically. I found the suggested exercises to be clear, helpful, and thought-provoking. I plan to return to this book many times as a valuable resource for communication about important topics and to improve my relationship.” Anne Bivans

From Professional Colleagues

“This book is thorough, incredibly positive, and full of examples and strategies—exactly what couples need. I especially like the idea of a relationship as one of the best places to work on character and the book’s clear theme of building character. (I am reminded of one of my favorite Frank Pittman lines, “marriage is your last best chance to grow up!”.) I applaud you for what is obviously a deep dive into the research to provide such a practical, positive guide for couples to truly create a vital relationship. I am confident this information will help oh so many people.” Pat Love, EdD;

“This book is the answer to many couples’ prayers. Some are clearly in the dark looking for a way out of the madness called their marriage or their relationship. They desperately want Couple Vitality. This book gives them exactly that and so much more. If you want a better relationship and want to put your heart into making that happen, start reading tonight. Dreams do come true.” Nisa Muhammad, DMin;; founder of Black Marriage Day

“This book isn’t for couples who want quick-fix tips or who are recreational dabblers into having a good relationship. It’s for couples who are all in and understand how their relationship is the foundation for changing the world—for couples who want nothing less than complete transformation. Kudos to the authors for their in-depth yet approachable concepts.” Priscilla Hunt, Executive Director, Better Marriages;;

“I like the content of the book. I find the tie-in to Character Qualities intriguing, and I like that it is character-based and not faith-based.” Paul Kuhn, serving couples with his wife through their church and Better Marriages for 25 years

Publication Date: 2022 Publisher: CharacterYAQ (dba Marriage Transformation
Number of Pages: 268
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches



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