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Susanne M. Alexander has been frequently quoted in the media. She has also written many articles. Information on both of these is below. For information on Susanne’s other writing, please see About Us at this link: Susanne Alexander – Writer.

Online Media



Bangladore Mirror, November 11, 2014 Article: Couple Therapy


The Hindu, New Book Arrivals, September 30, 2014


Better Marriages,



Pre-Marital/ Marriage Columnist,




Articles (2011-2012):, August 19, 2013


Article: 10 Most Common Issues in a Marriage, April 18, 2012


Article: Why Being In Love Is So Much Work, February 14, 2012


Article: 5 Relationship Lists You Must Make, November 7, 2011


Article: 30 Tips on How to Interview Like a Journalist, August 11, 2011


Article: Back from the Brink: Surviving Startup Stress, July 18, 2011


Article: Don’t Ask an Expert–Ask the Crowd, July 12, 2011


Article: Tips to Live Your Best Life, July 2011

Article: Marriage Season – Ensure Your License Never Expires
, March 21, 2011

Article: Home Office: 9 Smart Ways to Be More Productive




How to Survive a Bitter Breakup 


Preparing for a Proposal




~ Pace Not Race Through a Relationship


~ 50 Best Marriage Tips Ever








  • Character Education
  • Does Marriage Counseling Ever Really Work
  • What are the most important character traits for us to practice in our marriage? 
  • What are some actions we can take to build our marriage rather than always just talking?
  • How can we make sure our cultural differences don’t become the source of conflict in our marriage?




  • What Do You Do When the Attraction Fades?
  • Wedding Night Sex


Hitched Magazine





[Note: This article has an error in it: Craig and Susanne were involved in local civic and social issues, not in local politics.]





Chicago Wedding Resource




  • “You Say ‘Tomato Bisque,’ I Say ‘Tomato Soufflé’”
  • “The Big Day – Curb Those Contagious Quarrels”, March 23, 2011


Article: Character Esprit: Bringing Character to Life, February 2011


Article:10 Tips for Stronger Relationships


Focus on the Family – Canada


Article: Love and Communication – 11 Experts Tips for a Better Marriage, December 21, 2010


Article: Finding Strength Through Faith and Writings (about widowhood), July 29, 2010:


Article: Facebook “Ghost Profiles” and the Personal Ramifications on Loved Ones


The Badger-Herald, April 20, 2010:


Article: Proper guidelines for if you want to talk about sex, baby


KRCA3 Sacramento


Article: “Can Your Dog Help Fix Your Relationship?”


Arizona Central


Article: “Whatever their roles, best friends make lives richer”




Article: “The Dating Game: When’s the Right Time for Sex?”;;,


Article: “The ‘Good Old Days’ Are Now: Helping Our Kids Live Better Today”


, April 2007


Article: “Take a No-Crying Approach to Resolving Workplace Conflicts”


Startup Nation, December 2006


Article: “Start a Business from Home-Now That’s Togetherness”



A Baha'i Perspective

by Interviewer: Warren Odess-Gillett; | March 24, 2014


Fox 8 Cleveland, Ohio – That’s Life! TV Show with Robin Swoboda as host

January 11, 2007; segment included Kenny Crumpton

Topic: The Tone of Voice Speaks Louder Than the Words

Amherst, Ohio, Cable TV Interview about Magazine Writing,

Over the Back Fence Show, with Kelly Boyer Sagert, 2000


California Enrolled Agent, October 2012

Article: “Consultation and Team Building”

Washington Woman, August 2007

Article: “Can We Dance?”

Marriage Partnership, December 2006

Article: “Growing in Love, The Key to Achieving a Cooperative Marriage”

Inc., November 2006

Article: “Until Death, or Some Other Sticky Problem, Do Us Part”

Susanne is included as a “Marriage Coach” commenting on

a business partnership gone bad.

Arthritis Today, April 2006

Article: “Is Your Marriage Strong Enough?

How couples with arthritis cope”

Ladies Home Journal, December 2005

Article: “The Healing Power of Happiness”

Northern Ohio Live, November 2005

Article: “Characterizing Marriage”

Washington (DC) Woman, August 2005

Article: “Dating Over 40”

Condé Nast’s Modern Bride Connection, Fall 2004

Article: “Marathon Marriages: How to Make It to Your

Golden Anniversary–and Beyond”


The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, May 20, 2007

Article: “Grady or Brady, Should a Single Gal in Cleveland Try to

Become Mrs. Sizemore or Mrs. Quinn”

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, February 8, 2007

Article: “Valentine’s Day Gifts He’ll Really Enjoy”

Middletown Journal, November 26, 2006 

Article: “Sensitive Gift Giving”

Chicago Sun Times, September 18, 2006

Article: “Rude people getting you down? You’re not alone”


San Antonio Express News, August 15, 2006

Article: ” Best Friends – With them, our lives are richer,

happier and healthier”

The Buffalo (New York) News, June 25, 2006

Article: “Popping the Question”

The Washington (DC) Times, February 6, 2006

Article: “Learning the Lessons of Marriage”

Zhuhai (China) Daily, October 24, 2005

Article: “Character Qualities–Pure Gold for Marriage”

The News-Herald (Cleveland, Ohio), September 11, 2005

Article: “Many married to the idea of living together”

The Euclid Sun Journal, September 1, 2005

Article: “Snapshot: Susanne Alexander”

The Euclid Observer, September 2005

Article: “Does Your Marriage Have Character?”

Christian Science Monitor, June 22, 2005

Article: “Harried Marrieds”

How to make time for one another while maintaining a busy lifestyle

The Euclid Observer, August 2004

Local Authors Celebrate Release of Newest Book:

Article: “Pure Gold: Encouraging Character Qualities in Marriage”

The Euclid Sun Journal, September 23, 2004

Article: Talk in the Town: Local Authors

The Euclid Sun Journal, May 15, 2003

Article: “Couple Questions May Be Answer to Marital Success”

The Euclid Observer, February 1, 2003

Article: Announcing publication of

Marriage Can Be Forever–Preparation Counts!

Contributions to Books

80 Ways to Say I Love You (2010)

Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

Renewing Your Wedding Vows (2007)

Sharon Naylor

(Susanne and Craig are featured in the epilogue, sharing

their vow renewal on their 5th wedding anniversary)

Where to Seat Aunt Edna? And 500 Other Great Wedding Tips (2006) Hundreds of Heads Survival Guide

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