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Reflection: Helping Others

Tennessee Owl

I have done no postings to my blog in recent months for a variety of reasons. It has been a time of deep reflection about my life, service, and helping others. I have been: Responding to and re-balancing after the passing of my mother in October at age 90. Evaluating the purpose and value of […]

Practice Thankfulness

Roadside Golden Flowers

In parts of North America during the autumn harvest period, people practice thankfulness for blessings. In close relationships, expressing loving appreciation to each other for positive actions is part of what contributes to happiness. In my book Creating Excellent Relationships: The Power of Character Choices, I define “thankfulness” as “expressing warm, genuine feelings of praise, […]

Powerful Partner Prayer

photo test for praveen 960 x 470

Individuals have their own experience of prayer, that personal conversation we each have with God. This means that learning how, when, and why to pray together in powerful partner prayer as a couple formed of two individuals can often be challenging. A place to begin can be sharing with each other: •  Why you pray • […]

Creating a Low-Conflict Marriage


“All couples fight.” “Learn to fight fair.” “Manage your conflict.” In a world where violent words and actions are common, we can automatically assume that various levels of conflict are normal and expected in relationships and marriages. A low-conflict marriage may seem unreachable. But what if it’s not true? What if it’s possible for couples […]

Giving Up or Gaining? The Mystery of Sacrifice in Marriage

Mountain-David Niblack

Sacrifice is an essential element of a strong marriage. We give up the lesser important for the most important. I have been grappling with sacrifice for the last few weeks. In consultation and prayer we decided that my husband needed to work towards being self-employed. In part to accomplish fulfilling his passion, I have chosen […]

Online Relationship Marriage Education

Twin Trees

Online relationship and marriage education courses for individuals and couples for marriage preparation and marriage strengthening are available every few weeks through the Wilmette Institute ( All courses are based on the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and also include content from relationship and marriage educators. Courses are open to all. Course details can be found […]

8 Tips for Unifying Your Family

Unified Ducks at Chester Frost Park

Every family has a different culture and ways of staying connected and unifying your family will be unique. My husband and I don’t have children at home, so our mornings generally begin quietly with each other. We usually pray and eat together and ensure we know how to support each other for the day. We […]

Unity in an Interfaith Relationship


There are often different approaches to an issue before and after marriage. Having different beliefs as a couple is one of them. Building unity when you are in an interfaith relationship can seem challenging, but it’s possible. Before Marriage Before marriage, the issues to consider can include: Can you pray together? Will you worship together? What values […]

Thinking Affects Relationships

prayer-close; David Niblack - edited

Thinking affects relationships with others, especially those close to you. Do your thoughts also have an effect on your well-being? Where do you focus your energy? Over the last few months I have noticed a very interesting phenomenon. I have an almost immediate physical reaction when I think something self-critical, or when I have a […]

Match Made In Heaven

Match Made In Heaven

Susanne M. Alexander speaking  in a Match Made in Heaven on her transition from being a widow to dating again, and the challenge of finding a good match. Online dating with a global selection of opportunities was an interesting challenge. Being a dating widow is both tough and funny.

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