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Being Friends

Couple and Friends

Being friends is a unique choice to be connected and share time and experiences together. When you are friends, you bring honest perspectives and mutual encouragement to each other. You share an often unspoken commitment to accompany each other for a stretch of time. When the commitment blends with a romantic or marriage relationship, it […]

Pace Your Relationship

Character Quality Skit 1

When I travel, I occasionally pick up a light-reading romance novel that I can leave behind in airplanes or hotels. After reading one, I notice I am feeling resistant to the popular notion of “instant relationships”. It is the norm in these books for the couple to be physically intimate after barely being introduced and […]

Online Relationship Marriage Education

Twin Trees

Online relationship and marriage education courses for individuals and couples for marriage preparation and marriage strengthening are available every few weeks through the Wilmette Institute ( All courses are based on the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and also include content from relationship and marriage educators. Courses are open to all. Course details can be found […]

Four Healthy Relationship Essentials


How we conduct relationships has changed constantly for decades, sometimes for the better, and sometimes in unwise directions. In a constant search for a healthy relationship, we are often finding it more difficult to end up happily married. (See this article from the New York Times about changing practices: End of Courtship.) Successful dating is not particularly […]

Unity in an Interfaith Relationship


There are often different approaches to an issue before and after marriage. Having different beliefs as a couple is one of them. Building unity when you are in an interfaith relationship can seem challenging, but it’s possible. Before Marriage Before marriage, the issues to consider can include: Can you pray together? Will you worship together? What values […]

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