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“My Best Marriage Ever” MARRIAGE SHOW – JANUARY 21, 2023
with Denver and Brandy Griffin

Details Pending

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Note: A group is forming in early 2023; contact for details.

Being a Man in Today’s World is Challenging! Are you being the best partner, father, or example to others? Are you prepared to be a great man? Are you living life with a spiritual foundation? This is an action call to a powerful journey of learning to live a life of high integrity!

Coach Phil Donihe facilitates a group of men, primarily for ages 18-50, who want to create greater success in all areas of their lives. The group studies the book Be Brave and Arise together, and he will guide you through a new and deeper understanding of how to leverage and grow your character strengths. This is an action group, so you will set ambitious, yet realistic goals, and achieve them in a systematic way.


Fee-based discussion and activity groups are options using Susanne’s books as a foundation. Please share your questions and requests, and Additional information is also available at



“Keeping Your Marriage and Family Together in an Unhealthy World”

A couple and family can learn how to unite and powerfully protect themselves when negative forces in the world intrude or when problems arise. Couples can strive to create happy marriages that promote well-being for themselves and provide the foundation for the family.

February 12, 2021

See recording of the talk here: Big Ideas Presentations

“The Number One Way to Choose a Marriage Partner”, June 7, 2021: