Couple Discussion: Creating Unity-Friendship, Fun, Laughter, Social (Baha’i): PDF


Have fun, learn together, and build your connection (for Baha’is and friends)…

Creating Unity with Friendship, Fun, Laughter, and Social Vitality (Based on the Teachings of the Bahá’í Faith and Marriage Education Resources)

Engage in a discussion to accomplish these important aspects of this topic:

  • Better understand the importance of friendship and the “lighter” side of marriage and community life
  • Understand how and why to have a social life/leisure time together and with others
  • Identify new practices for harmonious interactions
  • Commit to gaining knowledge, interacting in new positive ways, and/or seeking professional guidance to enhance their marriage

A key principle in any human interaction is striving for unity. There are many ways to achieve cordial unity and build friendships, and this discussion module will address some of them. The focus here is on the relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. However, much of the content applies to relationships of all types.

Marriage is a social relationship. You talk, laugh, touch, cook, clean, and parent in a dynamic interaction with one another. Each couple’s flow is unique. Some couples are naturally more serious, and they are happy with this as the “culture” of their marriage. However, many couples appreciate including a lighter side in their relationship.

The ability to laugh together and appreciate the humorous aspects of your lives can strengthen your relationship and family life. As one of you shares, laughter can spread to lift the spirits of the other and on out to other family members and friends. Laughter is often contagious. Your happy marriage is a way of being of service to others.

Connecting through laughter, humor, and leisure/social time as a couple can:

  • increase the strength of your friendship
  • help you cope more easily with workload and difficulties
  • make it easier to encourage and assist each other with personal growth and change
  • increase energy and productivity
  • deepen your emotional and physical intimacy
  • increase harmony and marital satisfaction
  • add balance to busy lives
  • help with relaxing and not taking yourselves too seriously
  • help you feel grateful for your lives, marriage, and family
  • assist you with building friendships with others

Author: Susanne M. Alexander


Date: March 10, 2017

Publisher: Marriage Transformation

Format: eBook: PDF

Number of Pages: 22

Language: English


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