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Educator/Coach: Susanne M. Alexander

If you want to be sure we are a good “fit” for relationship and marriage education and coaching, please schedule a 30-minute free consultation!

Write me at susanne@marriagetransformation.com or call +1-423-599-0153 (US Eastern time).

“We are very excited to plan the future and start our life together. Our coaching sessions helped us tremendously to get to this point, and we are both very confident in our relationship.”

~ Pre-Marriage Couple

“Yesterday surfaced unfinished business. It is with me every single day. It visits quietly at times, some of it stalks me every day and keeps me looking over my shoulder! Other stuff gets triggered and suddenly leaps on me, seemingly out of nowhere! Do I really want to dig it up, lift it out of the hole of self, and get rid of it?” [He chose to tackle it with coaching accompaniment and went on to a happy new marriage.]

“I’m really, really content and excited with the direction my life is going. I have such gratitude for both the happy moments as well as the tests! Thank you for continuing to be a listening ear and a source of encouragement on this journey of mine!”

~ Individual Unmarried Clients

“Thank you for being patient and so lovingly giving us messages and assignments.”

“Thanks Susanne for recognizing what we needed today and helping us find our way back to each other.”

~ Married Couple Clients

“I am so happy! WOW. You have transformed our marriage by simply working with me. He has been reading and doing the exercises you map out with me, and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I have the man and marriage I always wanted. My dreams of my relationship with him are coming true. I feel a closeness and friendship with him that has been missing this whole time. It is fantastic. I am so grateful I found you. What a miracle. Miraculous results is what you produce. Our family is happier and healthier than it has ever been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
~ Married Individual Client

I am a passionate advocate for healthy and happy individuals, relationships, and marriages. I believe that these are the foundation for a united and happy family and community. I regard marriage preparation and strengthening as key elements in creating healthy marriages and preventing divorce. Education and coaching sessions are a relationship of trust between the client(s) and me, and I do my best to earn that confidence.

Our sessions are a mutual consultation process, with the expectation that you will carry forward with agreed actions in between sessions. I write and share my books with clients (see the Shop page on this website), and I will draw on them and other materials from well-known experts in consulting with you. My extensive client and course delivery experience, as well as my substantial life experience, will help me guide you through your relationship or marriage challenges, and we will celebrate your successes together.

To Consider


Coaching Individuals 

  1. Would you like to discover your inner gems that you will bring to a relationship?
  2. Do you want to feel more confident about moving toward a partner and marriage?
  3. Is it important to you to be prepared for being in a healthy and happy relationship?

Coaching Couples

  1. Would you appreciate having a partnership that makes both of you feel alive and happy?
  2. Are you interested in learning the knowledge and skills that help you be successful and happy with each other?
  3. Are you ready to grow together?

Do you want a fulfilling life and a couple relationship full of vitality?

My education services are aimed at knowledge and skill-building and assist people with personal and relationship growth and development. I specialize in guiding individuals through character understanding and growth, something that links to personal and relationship happiness. As you learn new couple and communication habits and skills and grow as individuals and as a couple, it becomes possible to create a life of respect, love, and vitality. There is hope for a new future!

What I offer: I accompany your learning process with assessments, books, study materials, reflection and consultation guides, videos, online development courses and tools, and video meetings. I work with only a small number of dedicated learners at any one time.

What I don’t offer: This is not psychological counseling or therapy. I do not work with people who are in active addiction, infidelity, violence, or abuse. If you have serious issues from your past, such as abuse or violence, this also requires a therapist. Sometimes I can refer people to professionals and to resource materials, but I am not able to help with these issues.

My Expectations: You are willing and able to engage in learning and making changes. You will invest regular time in self-reflection/growth, couple study, and discussions, as applicable for your circumstances. You will complete agreed assignments as promptly as possible. You will advocate for and collaborate for your personal well-being and that of a relationship and relationship partner. You will honestly look at what is going well and what needs to improve and focus on developing new behaviors. You will stay in communication with me about your progress by email, text, phone, videoconference, or a provided online system.

Encouragement: Transforming yourself and your relationship is not simple or easy, although improvements can begin immediately. It takes commitment, courage, and perseverance over time to make progress with new behaviors. Your efforts directly affect the quality of your future.


If you are ready, then let’s get started! Email me at susanne@marriagetransformation.com today!

If you aren’t yet certain if this is for you, please book a free 30-minute consultation to determine whether to work together.

Some Details on Services

I work with Individuals and couples before and after marriage.


  • Character assessment; character development
  • Relationship self-preparation
  • What’s important to you in a partner and why
  • Expectations of relationships and marriage
  • Friendship skills
  • Clarifying dating and courting values and practices
  • Transitioning from death of a marriage partner toward a new relationship
  • Examining and freeing from limiting beliefs about self and marriage

Pre-Marriage Couples

  • Relationship and marriage readiness assessment
  • Character assessments; character development
  • Marriage knowledge and skill-building
  • Character and personality knowledge of each other
  • Sexual behavior and agreements; chastity; abstinence
  • Exploration of marriage expectations and your fit as a couple
  • Understanding common beliefs and values
  • Relationship with parents and extended family
  • Behavior that shows the ability to sacrifice and be of thoughtful service to a partner/family
  • Couple prayer/spiritual activity patterns and commitments
  • Activities and interests in common
  • Common vision of what you want to create in your marriage

Married Couples

  • Marriage well-being and skills assessment
  • Character assessments; character development
  • Couple skill-building (based on science and faith-based sources as requested)
  • Ways to increase family unity and connection
  • Excellent for couples just beginning marriage or who have young children and want a strong marriage at the foundation of the family
  • Transformational for couples who have been married for awhile and who want to improve their relationship with new knowledge and skills and who are willing to make changes in their behaviors and interactions

Note: Seriously challenged couples generally need a marriage and family therapist rather than educational coaching. Some of the books and online courses Marriage Transformation offers may be helpful, however, in addition to you seeking a therapist for help. Sometimes a referral to a counselor is available.



  • Sessions are generally scheduled for 1 hour at an agreed rate per hour; I leave time available for any session to run longer as needed and wished; sessions are then invoiced for the actual amount of time spent. Note: The hourly rates include session preparation, a full hour of time, and follow-up and between-session communications. If there is extensive time required outside of a session, there may be a charge.
  • Assessments as needed and agreed:
    • Character Assessment and 2-hour Insights Session: $420/per person
    • Prepare-Enrich Relationship or Married Couple Assessment: consult with Susanne (takes about 45 minutes to do individually; result is a couple’s report and a facilitator’s report; clearly shows the strengths of the couple and the areas where attention is needed; learning assignments and couple’s coaching follow – see Sessions section above)

Materials and Books: Some of my books for individuals or couples may be assigned to support your learning (see the Shop section). They will be invoiced when provided.

Payment Method: Assessments, sessions, and materials are invoiced via PayPal after they occur and materials have been provided. You can pay through a PayPal account or bypass it and pay with a credit card; an account is not required. Note: Payment is due upon receiving the invoice.

Exceptions: Costs can at times be lowered in cases of strong hardship if discussed and agreed with Susanne ahead of time. There is no insurance reimbursement possible.

To Begin Services

I look forward to working with you. Please send an email to me at susanne@marriagetransformation.com with a request and brief description of services needed. I will provide a client information form to complete and arrange for an initial assessment or appointment. I do my best to respond within 24 hours. If you do not hear back, there may have been an internet issue, so please reach out again. If you need service faster, please call or text 423-599-0153 (US Eastern time).

Client Memo of Understanding (August 9, 2021)

Phil Donihe

Susanne also works in partnership at times with her husband, Phil Donihe. Phil has 30 years of experience in coaching people for excellence in their character, work, and family life. He also offers assistance to men around being good husbands and about their relationships with their fathers. Phil is certified to offer the Character Foundations Assessment™ (CFA) and the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™). Phil also offers business consulting services through his company, Innovekt Inc. To reach Phil Donihe directly, please email him at phil.donihe@innovekt.com or via cellphone at +1.423.667.7588.

The Character Foundations Assessment (CFA) is a validated assessment that provides an in-depth look at your strength in 22 virtues. It is wise for individuals to have many character strengths prior to being in a relationship or marriage. It is wise for couples before marriage to thoroughly know each other’s character as part of what maintains couple harmony and vitality and as a foundation for parenting. This is not easy, and this assessment can help. For married couples, the CFA can identify where applying strengths can benefit the marriage and family and where developing qualities can contribute to healthy, loving interactions. Contact Susanne and Phil for your assessment and insight session. More details are here.

NOTE: If I’m not a fit for you, feel free to email me for referral information. Susanne M. Alexander, susanne@marriagetransformation.com