Presenter – Susanne M. Alexander

As a professional presenter, Susanne helps individuals and couples with transforming themselves, their relationships, and their marriages through interactive workshops and online courses, effective public speaking and keynote addresses, dynamic coaching, and practical books.

Certified by PREPARE/ENRICH, a member of the National Alliance for Relationship and Marriage Education, and years of experience with Toastmasters International, Susanne brings extensive experience and professionalism wherever she presents. Honest, experienced, and approachable, Susanne is flexible with her format, content, and time. 

If you have a need for a speaker or workshop presenter, please contact Susanne today, or +1- 423.599.0153.

Choose a personable, open, and knowledgeable speaker to present at your next event: Susanne M. Alexander!

Singles or Couples, Marriage Preparation, Possible Presenter Topics
  • Deepening Friendship
  • Dating and Learning About Marriage
  • Knowing About Character and Its Importance
  • Exploring Being a Couple
  • Creating a Harmonious Marriage (family, money, sex, time management, children, and more)
Couples or Marriage, Possible Presenter Topics:
  • Building Couple Vitality
  • Communicating and Making Decisions
  • Making Time and Service Choices
  • Engaging in Passionate and Spiritual Sex
  • Enjoying Fun, Humor, and Laughter
  • Understanding and Meeting Needs
  • Strengthening Your Connection
Format Choices Include:
  • Brief Presentation (15-30 minutes)
  • Conference Keynote (30-60 minutes)
  • 90-minute or 2-hour mini session
  • Half-day or 1-day workshops
  • Moderated Panel
  • Weekend Sessions
  • Online Courses
  • Webinar
  • Videoconference Call
A Sense of Style:
  • Warm and heartfelt, direct and honest
  • Personal, humorous stories
  • A passionate champion for healthy, happy relationships and marriages
  • Enthusiast about character transformation
  • Encourages ongoing learning and growing
  • Personalizes content for specific audiences
  • A valuable asset as a presenter to any meeting or conference!