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Practice Thankfulness

Roadside Golden Flowers

In parts of North America during the autumn harvest period, people practice thankfulness for blessings. In close relationships, expressing loving appreciation to each other for positive actions is part of what contributes to happiness. In my book Creating Excellent Relationships: The Power of Character Choices, I define “thankfulness” as “expressing warm, genuine feelings of praise, […]

Giving Up or Gaining? The Mystery of Sacrifice in Marriage

Mountain-David Niblack

Sacrifice is an essential element of a strong marriage. We give up the lesser important for the most important. I have been grappling with sacrifice for the last few weeks. In consultation and prayer we decided that my husband needed to work towards being self-employed. In part to accomplish fulfilling his passion, I have chosen […]

Thinking Affects Relationships

prayer-close; David Niblack - edited

Thinking affects relationships with others, especially those close to you. Do your thoughts also have an effect on your well-being? Where do you focus your energy? Over the last few months I have noticed a very interesting phenomenon. I have an almost immediate physical reaction when I think something self-critical, or when I have a […]

Managing Obliviosity for Couple Harmony

Photo Credit, David Niblack,

Women, have you ever noticed that when your man is focused, there is a lot he just does not see? Men, are you sometimes baffled why your woman is exasperated that you did not automatically know to do something? The problem is a phenomenon I call “obliviosity.” Women want to avoid being labeled a nag, so […]

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