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Communication Is More Than Talking

Yellow Lilies

Communication is one of my passions, and it’s clearly a key part of any relationship or marriage. It’s also a foundation for good consultations aimed at unified decision-making between a couple and in a family. However, it is often more than talking. One of the things I love about communication is the sheer variety related […]

Giving and Receiving Hospitality

Hospitality at Home

Hospitality is an opportunity to help people feel welcome in your home. It spreads happiness when you smile, offer refreshments, and help people feel comfortable. Have you had anyone over recently? There is an effect on you as well. I notice my husband and I feel uplifted as we prepare our home to be clean […]

Is There Hope for Marriage?

Yellow Flowers - Hope for Marriage

Can a marriage last? Yes, there is hope for marriage: It truly is possible to succeed. You are likely exploring the idea or reality of marriage at a time when marriage is often devalued, and cohabitation and divorce seem common. It is likely that friends or family have gone through divorces or relationship breakups after […]

Being Friends

Couple and Friends

Being friends is a unique choice to be connected and share time and experiences together. When you are friends, you bring honest perspectives and mutual encouragement to each other. You share an often unspoken commitment to accompany each other for a stretch of time. When the commitment blends with a romantic or marriage relationship, it […]

10 Guidelines for Making Decisions

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Here we go again! Every time we face making decisions, we have trouble doing it without fighting. Help! Having effective discussions and peacefully making decisions that work are often challenges for couples. Increasing skillfulness in this area will help your relationship or marriage mature in a healthy way and stay strong and happy. For a couple to […]

Flexibility with Change

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We live in a world that changes quickly. However, some of us are more adaptable than others. Flexibility with change may not be easy for you. Change sounds exciting and fun for some! For others, it is something to resist and dread. How does this play out in relationships and marriage? In the early stages, […]

Giving Birth to Stepchildren


I feel like I have just given birth. Being a stepmother is like being in labor over time, and in my case, I’ve inherited my stepchildren already fully grown. But, they are still maturing and finding their paths in life. Over the last weeks, I’ve poured a tremendous amount of time and energy into helping […]

Support Your Marriage

Red Berry Bunch

Do you feel at times like your marriage has more threats against it than support? If so, it’s time for you to intentionally build a support structure that protects the unity and happiness of your marriage partnership. Number 1: Start with ensuring your commitment to each other and your marriage is strong. Re-visit your marriage vows and […]

Growing from the Relentless Challenges of Life

Couple at Beach - David Niblack - edited for blog

It’s relentless. For the last few months, I’ve been traveling and responding to the needs of critically ill relatives. When I’ve been home, the piles of needs insisting on being met grow like a well-fertilized garden. Each day has calls and emails with more problems to solve. This week a family member was tricked with […]

Powerful Partner Prayer

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Individuals have their own experience of prayer, that personal conversation we each have with God. This means that learning how, when, and why to pray together in powerful partner prayer as a couple formed of two individuals can often be challenging. A place to begin can be sharing with each other: •  Why you pray • […]

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