Creative Purpose

Marriage Transformation® dynamically empowers individuals and couples to engage in skillful, character-based communications and actions that contribute to excellent relationships and happy, unified marriages and families that serve others.

Couples are like two wings of a bird – both must be strong partners with equal voices for them to soar!

What Is Relationship and Marriage Education?

  • Empowers individuals and couples of all ages and experience levels to strengthen knowledge and skills and build capacity for success
  • Helps people to create successful marriages that provide healthy and happy stability and unity for families and communities
  • Equips people to be healthy individuals with many character strengths who can then be successful partners in a relationship and marriage
  • Provides important knowledge, skills, and attitudes about relationships and marriage to foster a gradual and organic transformation process
  • Provides marriage-strengthening tools for healthy and challenged married couples who want to continue learning, growing, and developing; Ideally, this learning continues across the life span
  • Prevents future relationship and marriage problems
  • Includes such activities as relationship assessments, coaching sessions, reading books and watching videos, studying in groups, taking courses, participating in workshops, and mentoring

Who Is Relationship and Marriage Education for?

  • Unmarried individuals interested in learning about themselves and relationships and how to prepare for them
  • Couples considering and involved in friendship, dating, courtship, and marriage
  • Unmarried individuals and couples considering marrying a second or third time
  • Unmarried or married individuals who want to build their self-respect and confidence
  • Parents of individuals considering dating, courtship, consent, engagement, and marriage
  • Newly married couples
  • Couples experiencing the usual ups and downs of married life
  • Couples experiencing external tests that can affect their marriage
  • Couples in life-stage transitions; such as, becoming parents, their children leaving home, or retirement
  • Couples with strong marriages who enjoy enriching their marriage further


“Susanne’s supportive, non-judgmental, and loving demeanor was very encouraging for the both of us. It feels like we both gained a friend who will always help and support us in our marriage.”
~ Premarital Couple Clients

“Thank you! The quotation you sent today about continuously growing and re-shaping our marriage really resonates. We’ve had some great weeks recently and some meaningful discussions.”

~ Married Couple Clients

Truthfulness + Tact + Love = Well-Delivered Communications