We were able to shed a light on some aspects of our relationship we hadn’t thought of before. Susanne’s supportive, non-judgmental, and loving demeanor was very encouraging for both of us. It feels like we both gained a friend who will always help and support us in our marriage.

Pre-Marriage Couple

There is something very special about Susanne. Her wonderful sense of humor adds joy to the sessions and her depth of knowledge, from both life experiences and extensive training, give her the ability to ask exactly the right questions with gentle confidence.

Janna Denton

Individual Coaching with Susanne M Alexander

We’ve been having some great conversations on many aspects of your recommendations and finding that the assessment process has brought us a lot closer.

Pre-Marital Couple Clients about Susanne M Alexander

Couple's Coaching Before Marriage

We  felt mutually understood, heard, and assisted. We love having very concrete tasks to guide us.

Married Clients

My husband and I have been very happily married now for 9 years and recommend your Marriage Can Be Forever–Preparation Counts! book to others very often. We went through the whole thing before getting married.

Josh and Rebecca Rousculp

Book Reader

Susanne  was very well-prepared, and her passion for the topic is evident. Her  exercises addressed multiple adult learning styles. She has a quiet leadership style that inspires  confidence. We found the workshop to be enlightening and helpful.

Carolynn Miller

Workshop Participant