We live in a world that changes quickly. However, some of us are more adaptable than others. Flexibility with change may not be easy for you. Change sounds exciting and fun for some! For others, it is something to resist and dread. How does this play out in relationships and marriage?

In the early stages, it takes flexibility to have encounters or dates with a variety of different people. Getting to know them and sharing yourself takes effort and time. Having the courage to try over and over on the road to finding a marriage partner isn’t easy. Seeing a vision of a better future ahead helps make change possible.

When doing marriage preparation, it is wise for couples to assess their individual and couple flexibility when faced with change. If one person wants constant change in their life, and the other prefers very little, there is the chance of regular conflict in the marriage. Are either of you likely to change your current pattern? How could you work out living together in marriage? Is it wise to actually go forward?

Once a couple is in marriage, there are adjustments to accommodate each other’s preferences through Couple Consultation and agreement. It can be good for a spouse who likes change to gently nudge the other towards change at times and accompany their spouse in the process. Sometimes the person who prefers constant routine can offer some stability and consistency to their partner. Sometimes a couple can agree to try out something new, and the next time something comes up agree to not make a change. In other words, change becomes an opportunity to cooperate flexibly together.

“Flexibility is adjusting to life as it happens and embracing changes as needed, while remaining true to one’s core values, beliefs, and appropriate priorities.” Susanne M. Alexander, Creating Excellent Relationships

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