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Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage helps challenged couples create happier, healthier, and more unified marriages. Individuals grow and couples build harmony and a strong foundation for their children. You can thrive–there is hope! All paperbacks are autographed and a free copy of “What’s Character Got to Do with It?: Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage” is included in the shipment.


Marriage help is on the way...


  • Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage heightened our sense of the meaning of marriage and our efforts to nurture and strengthen it.”
  • Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage empowered us to focus on our own spiritual development rather than on trying to change the other.”
  • Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage helped us to be understanding and forgiving, focus on positives, and respectfully express our feelings.”
  • Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage rekindled our romantic dating spirit, and we have more marital harmony.”
  • Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage is a great, easy-to-follow guide on how to improve and re-vitalize marriage.”
  • “For those of us who grew up without an example of a healthy marriage at home, Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage provides a clearer picture of a healthy marriage and how to keep it!”

"This amazing book is of the utmost importance and it will surely give us some special food for meaningful reflection. This book can also give a helping hand to those planning to get married or trying to ponder on this important matter in life. It is absolutely important that the writer is immensely inspired by the sacred verses of the Faith and that she is highly talented to do the task, for she is equipped with a remarkable insight into powerful solutions and wonderful guidelines based on the Teachings of the Baha'i Faith. The book is sufficient and powerful enough to give me the first impression that your friend’s masterpiece is suitable and essential to understanding and practicing the challenges at hand." Reader in Korea

About the Book:

Do you want to be happier in your marriage? Are you arguing more than agreeing? Does it seem like you have lost your marriage to parenthood? There is hope! Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage includes current spiritual guidance from the Baha’i Faith, input from science about success factors, quotes from experienced couples at all life stages, practical activities, and reflections. These will assist and encourage you to:

• Begin with small positive actions that re-build your connection
• Strengthen individual self-respect and well-being
• Establish support for you as a couple and your family
• Build communication and consultation skills
• Address and recover from marriage problems
• Re-commit to and re-create your marriage partnership
• Restore your vitality as a couple and family

A vital marriage is dynamically alive and thriving. However, your marriage can be challenged at any point with being distracted and disconnected. Difficult experiences may cause you to behave independently instead of being partners. With Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage, you can become happier, healthier, and more unified.

Someone shares in the book: “When we recognized our marriage was in trouble, we knew we needed professional help. What we didn’t initially realize was that we would need to do work as individuals as well. We also discovered that many of the principles of the Baha’i Faith helped us to sustain this work so we could rebuild our marriage.”

To create this helpful book, Susanne M. Alexander draws on her experiences as a Marriage Coach and Educator and on those of her own marriage. She shares a depth of material from the Baha’i teachings and science about how you can have a successful marriage. Establishing healthy marriages is at the foundation for thriving families and communities, and Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage shows you how. You might wonder, “Why Baha’i?” It is the most recent faith on the planet and the only one with extensive guidance and scripture about marriage ( It’s a valuable gift to all humanity, and I hope it will be useful to you.

Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: Marriage Transformation
ISBN: 978-1-940062-13-6
Format: Paperback; PDF; ePub
Number of Pages: 329
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in
Language: English

Table of Contents

A Brief Bahá’í Context for Strengthening Marriages

Parallel Track 1: Sharing with One Another

1. Hope for a New Beginning
2. Building a Support System
3. Declaring a Cease-Fire
4. Achieving Early Positive Results
5. Envisioning a Re-Created Marriage
6. Considering Aspects of Marriage and Family
7. Preserving Our Marriage
8. Communicating with One Another
9. Understanding, Managing, and Expressing Feelings
10. Utilizing Consultation As a Couple

Parallel Track 2: Growing Our Individual Capacity

11. Honoring Our True Selves
12. Seeing and Polishing Our Character Gems
13. Transforming Ourselves Each Day
14. Being Kind to Ourselves
15. Directing Our Thoughts in Positive Ways
16. Easing Up on Controlling
17. Developing Spiritual Habits
18. Learning and Growing from Difficulties
19. Cleaning Up Messes and Bouncing Back

Track 3: Empowering Our Marriage to Go Forward

20. Re-Committing to Our Marriage Partnership
21. Completing Our Marriage Commitments
22. How Will We Know We Are Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage?


A. The Bahá’í Faith
B. Couple Prayers
C. Grappling with Serious Issues
D. For Counselors Who Are Not Bahá’ís When Counseling Bahá’ís and Partners About Marriage, Separation, Reconciliation, or Divorce
E. Relationship, Marriage, and Family Education in the Bahá’í Faith Community
F. Forming a Book Study Group


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