Relationship Talk Book for Group Discussions (PDF)


Relationship Talk provides questions and inspirational quotations (Baha’i Faith) as a catalyst for meaningful conversations among friends, groups, or couples seeking to explore relationship and marriage topics. Ideal for group discussions, and especially for young adults 18+.




Group Discussions: Amidst gatherings and shared moments, discussions about relationships and marriage arise naturally. Relationship Talk provides a catalyst for meaningful conversations among friends, groups, or couples seeking to delve deeper into the topic. With thought-provoking questions accompanied by excerpts from the Bahá’í Faith’s teachings, it’s designed to spark introspection and foster genuine connections. Dive in and embark on a journey of self-discovery and relationship enlightenment! The focus audience is young adults 18+, but the content works for all ages for group discussions.

What’s Inside the Book:


  • Intriguing Questions
  • Why This Book?
  • How to Use This Tool
  • Including Spiritual Inspiration


  1.  Before You Meet Someone Special
  2. Can You Be Friends Too?
  3. Does Close or Far Matter?
  4. What’s in Your Character?
  5. Are You Growing?
  6. Is Character a Big Deal in Relationships?
  7. Healing from Your Past
  8. Checking Out the Family
  9. What Do You Expect?
  10. Using Your Creativity
  11. What Works and What Doesn’t
  12. How Does the Spiritual Fit in?
  13. What About Partnership?
  14. Enjoying Being with a Partner
  15. Having a Circle of Friends
  16. Are You a Good Match?
  17. What Are Your Priorities?
  18. Talking and Listening to Each Other
  19. Expressing Your Feelings
  20. When Communication Gets Difficult
  21. Consulting Through Challenges
  22. Poor Communication Habits
  23. Your Couple Interactions
  24. Showing Appreciation and Love
  25. Sex When You’re Married
  26. Sex When You’re Single?
  27. Being Faithful As a Goal
  28. Becoming a Family
  29. Parenting Together
  30. All the Money Stuff
  31. When Life Is Tough
  32. Where Are You Going?
  33. Are the Families Supportive?
  34. Deciding to Marry
  35. Do Your Parents Agree?
  36. Creating Your Wedding
  37. Being in Community Together


Susanne M. Alexander is a Relationship and Marriage Educator, Certified Pre-Marriage and Marriage Coach, and certified character specialist with her company, Marriage Transformation®. She is passionate about accompanying individuals and couples to make good relationship and marriage choices through knowledge and skill-building.

Johanna Merritt Wu, PhD, is an organizational psychologist who specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, corporate mergers, and teamwork. She leads workshops for businesses and on marriage preparation. She hosts several weekly devotionals and study circles and has led a weekly youth group since 2008.




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