Pure Gold: Paperback


You want a happy, lasting marriage filled with character qualities such as trustworthiness, loyalty, truthfulness, love, courage, and generosity.


Pure Gold: Encouraging Character Qualities in Marriage

Create a happy, lasting marriage filled with excellent communication and character qualities such as trustworthiness, loyalty, truthfulness, love, courage, and generosity.  Marriage research shows that preventing destructive character attacks, and understanding and practicing these positive character qualities and more in your relationship are vital for the success of your marriage. Inside Pure Gold, you will: • Explore many ways to have a loving, supportive relationship that includes these qualities and more • Enrich and strengthen your marriage with powerful character and communication skills • Discover how more than 50 qualities empower you in creating an extraordinary marriage through engaging activities, examples, and quotations from experts and spiritual sources  Appendix includes how to apply all the qualities to sexual intimacy.

Note: Anyone wishing to present a workshop using Pure Gold, please contact the Marriage Transformation Office as books are available at a significant discount.

Authors: Susanne M. Alexander with Craig A. Farnsworth and John S. Miller

Editorial Reviews

“Engaging, wise, and chock full of ideas that can be immediately put into action and make your marriage a pure joy.”
~ Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

“Thank you for Pure Gold. Character is the foundation of life.”
~ John Covey

“If you long for your marriage to have better communication with a deeper level of commitment, check out “Pure Gold”. If you are looking for ways to tell whether someone you want to marry has the character qualities for a lasting relationship, check out “Pure Gold”. This is a book with insights, wisdom, activities, worksheets, and know-how to assist you in developing your own character as well as helping you to strengthen the practice of qualities in your marriage like truthfulness, trustworthiness, courage, and patience. If the communication patterns in your marriage are often negative and discouraging, the insights and exercises in this book will help you to turn the communications into positive and helpful statements. As a member of a Board of Directors who is responsible for helping couples in difficulty, we find “Pure Gold” a mine of gems that produce excellent results!”
~ K.M.

“The exercises and suggestions in this book are invaluable for married couples. My husband and I bring it out from time to time just to discuss the material and do a couple of the exercises. We’ve learned so much about each other that we wouldn’t have learned any other way!”
~ Married Couple

“My husband was somewhat skeptical when I suggested we try the exercises in Pure Gold. After all, we’re newlyweds! We hadn’t been together long enough to have any problems. But he ‘went along’ anyway, probably to make sure we continue to ‘get along.’ What a bounty! We discovered that the exercises in Pure Gold opened up new topics and gave us the tools to discuss difficult issues BEFORE they became problems. It has greatly enhanced our consultations. We have given the book to newlywed friends and others contemplating marriage. Try it!”
~D. Rodgers


Publication Date: June 30, 2005
Publisher: Marriage Transformation
ISBN: 9780972689359
Format: PDF eBook
Number of Pages: 276
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.5 in x 8.5 in
Shipping Weight: 1 lb 4 oz

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