Couple Discussion: Building Unified Sexual Intimacy (Baha’i): PDF


Increase your understanding about sexual intimacy so you can turn up the flame…

Couple Discussion: Building a Deep, Unified, and Lasting Sexual Intimacy

This discussion and action guide combines marriage education and spiritual resources on the topic of sex in marriage to prompt couples to assess their current sexual relationship and develop ways to improve it. The primary spiritual sources used are from the Bahá’í Faith, Christianity, and Judaism. Other sources are marriage educators and therapists who provide alternate points of view for discussion; your views may differ. Provides many opportunities for marriage strengthening!

After completing this material, participants will be able to:

• Understand more about the practical side of sexual intimacy
• Understand some spiritual principles related to sexual intimacy
• Talk more openly about their sexual desires and needs with each other
• Identify new approaches and practices to include to meet their needs
• Commit to trying new actions or seeking further learning or professional help if needed

Few topics give rise to as many opinions and range of experiences as that of sexual intimacy. Throughout studying this module you will read opinions from a variety of sources to prompt discussion and both personal and couple assessment. You won’t agree with all of them, and some will be more useful than others depending on the current state of your overall relationship connection and your sexual life together. Some of the quotations state general observations about women and men. Be aware that these are generalities and may not exactly apply to you. Apply what fits for your marriage and your beliefs.

There is balance to strike between the extreme focus on sex in our society today and the puritanical model that says sex is bad or wrong. The reality is that sexual intimacy is usually one of the key ingredients in a good marriage. It has the ability to connect a couple together in unity, or in oneness, something that is a vital spiritual concept. Marriage has both physical and spiritual aspects, and they are often intertwined. Consider this quotation: “…[T]he union must be a true relationship, a spiritual coming together as well as a physical one, so that throughout every phase of life, and in all the worlds of God, their union will endure; for this real oneness is a gleaming out of the love of God.” (Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p. 117)

Much of the world holds the view that sex between a couple is strictly an act of physical pleasure. The view that it can have a spiritual component may be a new idea for you. If so, please do your best to keep an open mind and discuss the ideas together as you go through your study and discussions.

Author: Susanne M. Alexander


Publication Date: June 2, 2019
Publisher: Marriage Transformation
Format: eBook: PDF
Number of Pages: 26
Language: English


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