Marriage Can Be Forever–Preparation Counts! 4th Ed.-PDF (incl. worksheets)


Do you want to marry but you aren’t sure how to do it well or how to make it last? Discover the ultimate guide for couples navigating the path from friendship to eternal partnership. (Based on guidance from Baha’i Faith)




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Do you want to marry but you aren’t sure how to do it well or how to make it last?

Discover the ultimate marriage preparation guide for couples navigating the path from friendship to eternal partnership. Whether you’re just starting out or deeply committed, this book is your essential companion. Dive into discussions about values, expectations, and the future you envision together. Explore practical advice on children, finances, communication, and more – all crucial for building a lasting marriage. Enrich your journey with wisdom from the Baha’i Faith, offering profound insights and timeless quotations to strengthen your bond. This isn’t just about preparing for a wedding; it’s about preparing for a marriage that transcends time. Excellent preparation helps create a marriage that thrives and lasts.

The Baha’i teachings say: “…[T]he union must be a true relationship, a spiritual coming together as well as a physical one, so that throughout every phase of life, and in all the worlds of God, their union will endure….” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Your learning path as a couple will include the practical application of spiritual principles, such as:

• God established marriage as a “fortress for well-being” (Bahá’u’lláh)
• Marriage is a foundation building block for families and society, bringing order and unity
• Marriage is both spiritual and physical and the best environment to raise children
• Couples strive to thoroughly know each other’s character before marriage
• Healthy marriages include friendship and respectful equality between partners
• Consultation aids couples to build understanding with each other and make unified decisions
• Partners decide whether to marry, and after they choose each other, they turn to their parents to ask for consent to go forward

Marriage Can Be Forever—Preparation Counts! will be your guide through it all.


“The exercises in the book were great at helping us explore different aspects of ourselves, our potential life together, and the family we hoped to build. It allowed us to discuss important matters, such as children, finances, and values, that we may not have otherwise had the courage or awareness to address. It also focused our attention on our own character and that of our potential partner. It was an indispensable tool to help us make one of the most important decisions of our lives.” A happily married couple

MarriageCanBe-Forever4-SampleChapter2: At the Center: A Focus on Service

Table of Contents

Step 1 – Creating Your Foundation As a Couple
Chapter 1 Becoming Serious: Thinking of Marriage
Chapter 2 At the Center: A Focus on Service
Chapter 3 Creating a Strong Connection: Friendship in Action
Chapter 4 A Vital Building Block: Knowing Each Other’s Character
Chapter 5 Agreeing on Boundaries: The Physical Side of Relationships

Step 2 – Understanding Your Interactions
Chapter 6 Minds and Hearts: Communicating with One Another
Chapter 7 So Many Possibilities: Expressing Feelings
Chapter 8 A Route to Harmony: Excellent Consultation Skills
Chapter 9 Powerful Attraction: Your Love for One Another

Step 3 – Diving Deeper into Some Realities of Marriage
Chapter 10 The Goal: A Strong, Eternal Marriage
Chapter 11 Focus on God: Your Spiritual Life Together
Chapter 12 True Partnership: Equality in Marriage
Chapter 13 You Are Each Unique: Talents, Personalities, and Time Preferences
Chapter 14 Rocks on the Path: Responding to Tough Stuff
Chapter 15 Money In and Out: Earning, Managing, and Spending
Chapter 16 A Personal Consultation: Intimacy and Sex

Step 4 – Considering Aspects of Family Life
Chapter 17 Family Time: Rearing and Educating Children
Chapter 18 A Blend of Lives: Creating a Home
Chapter 19 A Big Happy Family: Becoming Relatives
Chapter 20 An Even Bigger Family: Being an Intercultural Couple

Pause to Reflect: A Practical Look Before the Sacred Choices Ahead

Step 5 – Committing to One Another; Involving Our Parents
Chapter 21 Looking Ahead: Envisioning Marriage Together
Chapter 22 Making Your Choice: To Marry…or Not to Marry
Chapter 23 To Your Parents: Requesting Consent to Marry
Chapter 24 Rough Waters: When Parental Consent Is Challenging

Step 6 – Moving Forward: Wedding and Marriage
Chapter 25 Connecting During Engagement: Almost Wedding Time
Chapter 26 The Big Day: Creating Your Marriage Ceremony
Chapter 27 An Adventure: Looking Forward to the First Year Together

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40 worksheets
Published: June 2024




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