Think of constructing a building and compare it to your family. Your unified marriage is the foundation for strong and happy family unity. The mortar of love holding the bricks of each of you as individuals together with one another is also a vital component.

The pace and content of your lives may often seem to loosen the connection between you instead of solidifying it. Here are some possibilities to consider that will strengthen the bonds of your marriage and family instead:

  1. Say good morning in a cheerful tone of voice.
  2. Warmly hug each other before parting for the day.
  3. Text or email each other occasionally during your day with a few positive words that show you are thinking of each other. If there seems to be misunderstandings from brief communications, call each other on a lunch hour or break for clarification.
  4. Greet each other lovingly when seeing each other again.
  5. Spend a few minutes sharing with each other how your day went.
  6. Have all-family meals a few times each week where you encourage conversation (leave the TV off!).
  7. Share a spiritual connection, whether it is prayer, worship, or an uplifting quotation.
  8. Confide what issues you are struggling with at home, school, or work, and ask for insights and ideas from each other on how to handle them.
  9. Do spontaneous acts of thoughtful service for each other.
  10. Look for and acknowledge the best you see in each other and the efforts you are making.

Healthy, connecting habits in your lives provide stability and dependability. You begin to count on the positive interactions you have together and protect them. You don’t take them for granted, because you recognize how happy and blessed you are with them as a vital part of your lives. Unity becomes a primary value.

Character Coaching Note: Loyalty to your family means that you guard each other’s back and protect each other from harm of all types. The hurt to one of you, is hurt to all of you. Loyalty means that you honor, belong to, support, and remain devoted and faithful to your family.