Starting with Me: Knowing Myself Before Finding a Partner-Paperback; eBooks


By the time you’re in a relationship or marriage, it’s too late to prepare yourself! Learn the steps know yourself and get yourself ready…

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Whatever your age or life circumstances, Starting with Me helps you prepare yourself for marriage and lay a solid foundation for your future. It offers uncommon wisdom from the Bahá’í teachings, time-tested guidance from relationship and character specialists, insights from everyday people on this journey, and transformative questions and exercises.

By the time you’re in a relationship or marriage, it’s too late to prepare yourself!
It’s time to stop “trial and error” and hoping for good luck.
Take charge of your life today! This book is self-help for singles…

Learn the steps to get yourself ready for marriage before you start a relationship: 9 Transformative Steps Based on the Baha’i Faith’s Teachings About Relationships and Marriage

Testimonial: “Just wanted to thank you so much for Starting with Me. I’m going through it thoroughly and carefully, once a week with another Baha’i.  We’re going through it paragraph by paragraph and doing all the exercises and we’re both getting a LOT out of it.”

Starting with Me will empower you to:

• Live a full and happy life that includes service to others
• Learn from past relationships, and move forward
• Conquer your fears and doubts, and avoid those nasty pitfalls
• Know yourself and your character—and be able to study a potential partner’s character
• Form realistic expectations and wishes for a partner
• Form friendships that may later become a great match!

While you’ll start with yourself, we give you plenty of ideas for involving others on your journey, and Starting with Me also lends itself to group study. Whether you’re excited, nervous, doubtful, or optimistic, take a deep breath and smile, for help and hope are at hand! One reader shared:

“The unique ideas in each chapter, and the profound quotations from the Bahá’í writings opened my eyes to new and helpful ways of viewing marriage. The benefit I got from Starting with Me really skyrocketed when I began to complete the exercises that help us tailor the concepts to our lives.”

Here’s Chapter 1 as a sample for you! StartingwithMe,V2-SampleChapter1Secured

Susanne M. Alexander is a Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach, author, and character specialist, as well as the President of Marriage Transformation®. She is married and is a parent and stepparent.

Johanna Merritt Wu, PhD, is an organizational psychologist for corporations, non-profits, and start-ups. She is married, a parent, a youth group leader, and co-author of Marriage Can Be Forever—Preparation Counts! with Susanne.

Jeremy Lambshead is a writer, editor, and teacher who works with youth and adults to release potential in individuals, groups, and communities. To enhance this process, he loves to make music and poems—with the intent to inspire.

Publication Date: 2018
Publisher: Marriage Transformation
ISBN: 978-1-940062-06-8
Format: Paperback; PDF
Number of Pages: 194
Size: 8.5 in x 11 in
Language: English

Starting with Me—Knowing Myself Before Finding a Partner
Table of Contents

Welcome to This Exciting Journey!
Helping You Navigate the Content


1. Living an Integrated, Joyful Life: Foundation for a Happy Marriage
2. Learning from Family and Relationships
3. Observing and Knowing My Character
4. Developing My Character
5. Aligning My Expectations with Reality
6. Avoiding Possible Pitfalls on My Journey
7. Describing Myself and a Potential Partner
8. Creating My Future
9. Completing This Stage of My Journey


2A: Understanding Influences from the Past
3A: Assessing and Understanding My Character Qualities
4A: My Character Development Plan
5A: My Expectations of Marriage
5B: My Expectations of a Marriage Partner
7A: Assessing My Level of Maturity
7B: Describing Myself
7C: What to Seek—and Avoid—in a Potential Marriage Partner
8A: Creating a Vision of My Marriage
8B: Learning About Marriage—Interviewing Married Couples
9A: Widening My Circle of Friends and Experiences


A: Tracking My Action Commitments
B: Forming a Book Study Group
C: Using Consultation in Marriage Preparation
D: Many Sources About Character
E: Guide to Creating an Honest and Powerful Online Presence

About the Authors and Publisher
References and End Notes
Feedback and Resources


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