Marriage Can Be Forever—Preparation Counts!; eBook and worksheets: PDF


Engage fully in marriage preparation guided by the Bahá’í Faith’s teachings


Marriage Can Be Forever—Preparation Counts!: Walking a Path to a Spiritually-Based Marriage

Note: As of December 2017, the paperback edition of this book is out of print.

Marriage Preparation – Baha’i Faith Based: This is an indispensable, hands-on workbook based on the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith that will first guide your own heart, mind, and soul along the path of self-discovery. Then, it prepares you as a couple through the friendship, courting, parental consent, and engagement processes that lead to marriage. Poetry, prose, spiritual quotations, a couple’s story, insightful perspectives, coaching, discussion questions, cartoons, worksheets, and activities engage you in the enjoyable and practical application of spiritual concepts that apply to the marriage preparation process. Note: The majority of the content is very specific for Bahá’ís or those in relationships with Bahá’ís; the balance is general relationship content.

Authors: Susanne M. Alexander and Johanna Merritt Wu

Editorial Reviews

“No better book on the market for marriage preparation! I’ve recommended this fantastic resource for years, and can’t say enough good things about it. Members of the Baha’i Faith are encouraged to assess a person’s character prior to marriage, and many don’t know where to start. This book is FULL of helpful questions for each partner to consider and share with each other, so that by the end of the book, if you do the exercises, all red flags will be talked through and it will be absolutely clear whether this is the person you want to spend a lifetime with or not. There’s no better book on the market to help with this essential prerequisite to marriage!”
~ Susan Gammage

“I purchased Susanne and Johanna’s book, Marriage Can Be Forever, before I was even in a relationship! I viewed it as a ‘first step’ in creating the relationship I’d always wanted and found her book to be comprehensive, humorous, and practical. I remember sitting alone in my apartment on a cold winter day and getting to work on sections 7A & 7B where you list the qualities you bring to a relationship and what you’re looking for in a significant other. That day served as a catalyst for me to get clear and get into action by putting myself out there and connecting with new people. Several months, and a lot of personal growth later, I met the man that I’ve now been happily married to for the past two years! After first getting to know each other, I enrolled him in going through the rest of the book together as we moved closer to getting married. We found it very helpful in addressing things we might not have thought to talk about, or even consider, before such an important commitment. Since then, I’ve recommended her book to friends, colleagues, and clients. I can’t thank you enough Susanne for creating such a wonderful resource!!!”
~ Marabeth Reichel, Professional Life Coach,


Publication Date: 2007 (3rd Edition)
Publisher: Marriage Transformation
ISBN: 9780972689
Format: eBook: PDF
Number of Pages: 584
Language: English


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