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Become excellent at building understanding and couple decision making today!



Deciding in Unity: A Practical Process for Married Couples to Agree on Practically Everything

Introducing an excellent couple decision making process called Couple Consultation!

The two of you have understanding to build and decisions to make in your marriage constantly, everything from who will go to the grocery to how you will manage your money. And you would like to do it all without fighting. All sizes of topics can be tough—and sometimes painful—when you need to agree and act on the decisions together. No matter how long you have been married, there is a better way.

Deciding in Unity provides couples with useful new knowledge and tools:

  • Practical and helpful content
  • A clear decision-making process
  • Inspirational couple stories
  • Humorous cartoons

This encouraging book will help you have the happy, healthy marriage you want!

Couple Decision Making – Founded on Unity

Unity is vital in maintaining healthy and happy marriages. When you are unified, making decisions works more smoothly and increases your harmony. Unity is often the means to solving problems and reaching agreements. Unity then helps you effectively carry out decisions you have made.

When you value unity, you consciously look for points of agreement, harmony, and attraction. You work together to build a strong foundation of oneness, love, commitment, and cooperation. Unity is not sameness—you both bring a diversity of perspectives and approaches and respect how they contribute toward the solution. You feel and act as if you are on the same team, and you demonstrate a spirit of goodwill toward each other. You know that what you create together is better than anything you could develop separately.

You seek out what is best for the integrity and prosperity of your marriage and family, always considering the well-being, rights, and responsibilities of each person involved. When one person is injured, you are all injured; what comforts or helps one, helps all; and what honors one, honors all. When unity is a vital and foundational operating principle for your marriage, you experience stability and provide a hopeful model for peaceful families and communities.

Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Marriage Transformation
ISBN: 978-1-940062-00-6
Format: Paperback; PDF; ePub
Number of Pages: 73
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in
Language: English


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