Coaching: Relationship Education and Marriage Education


Educational coaching can help you move forward towards a happy, lasting marriage…



Transform your relationship or marriage today! Relationship Education and Marriage Education Increase Your Success!

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  • Susanne M. Alexander, Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach offers short-term assistance to individuals and couples in need of help with relationship- or marriage-related enrichment, challenges, and opportunities. She offers insights, suggestions for action, and resources for personal study and discussion. Where appropriate, couples are asked to take a PREPARE or ENRICH assessment.
  • Relationship Education and Marriage Education are focused on increasing your knowledge and skills; the process is not counseling or therapy.
  • Please contact Susanne with any questions you have, and provide a brief description of the issue.
  • Coaching services are provided over the Internet, telephone, or email.

Before Marriage Readiness Assessment, Coaching, and Education Package:

Build your confidence as a couple that you are truly ready to marry each other by taking a comprehensive research-based assessment online (30-45 minutes) and then participating in helpful and insightful coaching with Susanne Alexander, Relationship/Marriage Coach and Educator and author. Taking steps to learn how to be excellent at marriage and prevent divorce is a great and cost-effective investment in your happy future!

This Amazing Package includes:

  • PREPARE Couple’s Report (#1 relationship inventory and couples assessment; research-based; taken by 3 million couples)
  • Approx. 3 hours of comprehensive facilitated discussion of report (By Skype, FaceTime, or telephone)
  • Couple coaching throughout
  • Susanne’s researching and customizing of self-study materials and self-study recommendations
  • Details on character qualities
  • Some no-cost educational materials including a PREPARE workbook
  • Some e-books at a small additional cost

Note: If one or both of you are members of the Baha’i Faith, it is best if this process happens before you request parental consent to marry, although this is not a requirement.


PREPARE-ENRICH Assessment Report

  • For pre-marital couples to assess compatibility and marriage readiness
  • For married couples having difficulty who want to strengthen their marriage
  • Couple’s report includes a 20+ page workbook
  • Note:  Coaching is in addition to the report and charged at $90/hour


eMail Coaching

Share your questions and challenges about relationships or marriage with Susanne, and within a few days receive a thoughtful response. Throughout the month, you can go back and forth about the topics on your mind. She may suggest or provide reading material and activities to you to move you forward, some for no cost and some with minimum expense.

If you wish to retain Susanne’s services for longer than 1 month, please let her know, and a rate will be negotiated with you.



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