Educational Coaching

Educator/Coach: Susanne M. Alexander

I appreciate your commitment to understanding yourself and/or your partner better, addressing challenges, and establishing and maintaining your relationship or marriage so it is strong, happy, and united.

About the Process:

  • Focuses on building knowledge and skills for individuals and couples; It is not therapy
  • Begins with where you are at now and moves you forward in your life and relationship/marriage
  • Requires that you commit to studying materials between sessions, trying new behaviors consistently, and providing progress updates by email, text, phone, or video conference
  • Susanne’s approach tends to include spiritual perspectives; these can be tailored to a specific faith as needed (such as Baha’i Faith, Christian, interfaith); in this case, part of the goal is to draw people closer to spiritual practices and beliefs and strengthen the relationship based on spiritual principles
  • Encouragement, accompaniment, progress, and hope

Clients Generally are:

  • Unmarried or married individuals
  • Unmarried or married couples
  • Not those requiring the services of a psychologist/counselor (referrals made where there is mental illness, violence, active addiction, severe issues from childhood…)

Contact Methods: Video conference, telephone, text, and email

Some Areas of Specialty:

  • Pre-engagement/marriage readiness assessment and marriage preparation coaching (ideally before asking parents for their consent/blessing to marry)
  • Marriage assessment with materials and coaching to strengthen areas as needed
  • Character self and partner understanding; Character Foundations Assessment is available
  • Communication and couple consultation/decision-making skills
  • Applying spiritual principles to situations and your process of understanding each other

“How can I help you today?”

Some Details

Length: Sessions can be any length as needed from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Frequency is determined together, but pre-marital coaching in general is more likely to be short-term than long-term. Most premarital coaching sessions are about 3 hours total. Married couples in difficulty will require more time over a longer period.

Requirements: Internet access; computer or phone video camera preferred. Most sessions occur by Zoom or Skype videoconference or via telephone apps like WhatsApp. Clients are asked to study materials and carry out actions in between sessions. Clients provide weekly or bi-weekly update emails until a new session is scheduled.


Individuals and Pre-Marital Couples Coaching: $100/hour-USD

Married Couples Coaching: The fee is $125/hour USD for married couples, with a 10% discount when 5 or more hours are pre-paid. Some coaching is by video conference/phone; however, there is also quite a bit by email and text, and this time is also usually part of the hourly charge.

Initial Exploratory Session about whether to work together, and recommendations for path forward if I’m not a fit: 25% discount; usually 30-60 minutes

Couple’s Assessment, Analysis, Documents, and Communications: Most couples will take a research-based assessment. Cost is $150/couple. (See details on this page.)

Materials and Books: Invoiced when provided.  A Character Foundations Assessment for individuals, which includes an hour of coaching, is available on request. Please contact Susanne for current pricing.

Exceptions: Costs can at times be lowered in cases of strong hardship or to accommodate international exchange rates. There is no insurance reimbursement.

Payment Method: Assessments, sessions, and materials are invoiced via PayPal after they occur and materials have been provided. You can pay through a PayPal account or bypass it and pay with a credit card; an account is not required. Payment is due upon receiving the invoice.

To Begin: I look forward to working with you. Please send an email to Susanne at or through the contact form on the website with a request and brief description of services needed. She will provide a client information form to complete and arrange for an initial appointment. Susanne does her best to respond within 24 hours. If you need service faster, please call or text 423-599-0153 (US Eastern time).

Couples’ Assessment

The PREPARE (unmarried) and the ENRICH (married) assessments identify each couple’s unique strength and growth areas. The reports generally cover these areas but are customized for each couple:

  • Commitment Level & Expectations
  • Relationship Dynamics/Styles & Habits/Personal Stress Profile/Personalities
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Marriage Expectations/Issues
  • Personality Traits
  • Character Qualities
  • Cultural/Ethnic Issues
  • Financial Management
  • Leisure Activities
  • Closeness & Flexibility in Couple and Family
  • Sexual Expectations/Issues
  • Children/Parenting
  • Family & Friends
  • Retirement and Aging Issues (where applicable)

Process: You provide Susanne with the names and email addresses of both people who will participate. You will receive an email link to an online assessment that you do individually without discussing it while in progress. It takes about 30-45 minutes for each person. After you have both completed the assessment, Susanne will be notified that your reports are ready. You will receive a couple’s report when you begin to discuss the content, which is a subset of Susanne’s facilitator report, and often a couple’s workbook.

The report will give Susanne a good view of the current state of your relationship or marriage and where strengthening and learning are needed. Then you will set up an appointment. You will talk through the results of your report and set learning goals for what you want to improve. Couples have learning and activity work to do between sessions. Some materials are no cost, and some have a small charge.


Note: PREPARE/ENRICH is a scientifically proven process that has helped over 4 million couples since 1977. Susanne customizes her work with couples from a foundation of the facilitator report and discussion with the couples by adding her own developed materials.

The Character Foundations Assessment is a research-based in-depth look at your strength in 22 virtues. It is wise for individuals to have many character strengths prior to being in a relationship or marriage. It is wise for couples before marriage to thoroughly know each other’s character. This is not easy, and this assessment can help. Contact Susanne for yours today. One hour of feedback and coaching comes with it.

Susanne’s Perspective: I am a passionate advocate for healthy and happy individuals, relationships, and marriages. I believe that these are the foundation for a united and happy family and community. I regard marriage preparation and strengthening as key elements in divorce prevention. Education and coaching sessions are a relationship of trust between the client(s) and me, and I do my best to earn that confidence. Our sessions are a mutual consultation process, with the expectation that you will carry forward with agreed actions in between sessions. I will draw on a wealth of books, materials, and experience in guiding you through your relationship or marriage challenges. I have developed many of my own resources as well as collaborated with many of the most well-known experts in the relationship and marriage education field.

“I am so happy! WOW. You have transformed our marriage by simply working with me. He has been reading and doing the exercises you map out with me, and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I have the man and marriage I always wanted. My dreams of my relationship with him are coming true. I feel a closeness and friendship with him that has been missing this whole time. It is fantastic. I am so grateful I found you. What a miracle. Miraculous results is what you produce. Our family is happier and healthier than it has ever been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

~ A. D., married

Note: This client made this progress with 15 minutes of coaching every week and a regular commitment to spend 15 minutes most days connecting with her spouse and often studying marriage and communication materials together. Can you commit to 15 minutes every day to nurture your marriage?